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Search Engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to rank a website higher when a web search is performed using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It enhances the online visibility of a web page/website with unpaid results of the search engine. These results are known as organic traffic created with the help of SEO techniques. To be specific, a higher ranked website in the search engine results will receive more users compared to the lower ranked website in the same field. If a website stays on the higher rank frequently, those users can be converted to permanent consumers for that business. In this way, SEO helps to increase the traffic and visibility for a business. SEO may be of different kinds, it can be used to target a specific keyword search, image or video search etc.

There are extensive studies going on to know the various ways to increase the ranking of a website. As we are in the same field, we keep a track of the trending topics and keywords that rank higher on Google and we use the same tactic to increase our client’s website ranking. Some of the other methods are publishing articles with rich backlinks, inbound links etc. Presently, mobile searches are way higher than the desktop searches. We also keep this point in mind and create mobile- friendly content that attracts the end users. With the help of keywords and Social Media Marketing, we make sure that our clients brand ranks always on the front page of a web search thereby ensuring more traffic to their website. If a brand is constantly featuring on the front page of a search engine result, it indirectly implies that the brand has a high conversion rate of the temporary users to permanent users. By converting the users, the brand will also see a steady rise in its business. We at Indiventy always strive hard to bring our client’s business to a higher ranking.

Details of SEO are given below:

  • Small business SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • SEO Training Consulting
  • Link building
Search Engine optimization
Search Engine optimization