Experience Design

We guide you to create mutual benefit between customers and organizations through design, balancing customer needs and business objectives.

Enabling business across channels with feasible solutions.

Using design to create experiential solutions is no longer just a customer problem-solving exercise. Organizations must understand how to continuously add value for customers, which means not only creating better experiences, but also more feasible and intelligent operations.

They must create holistic systems that work harmoniously to benefit both sides of the value equation, cost and value. Far too often, new experiences increase the cost to serve customers, only to achieve the same outcome.

Today’s modern organizations succeed when they put understanding their customers at the forefront of decision-making. They use customer intelligence to influence how their operations and organizations design and conduct everyday business.

But other influences can help illuminate the right solutions or paths organizations can take. By looking up and down the value chain, businesses can use more systems thinking to uncover additional value-based opportunities. This is how effective organizations will grow in the future.

Balance Through Experience Design

To create balance, the businesses of tomorrow will use experience design to understand three things:

  • What is desirable for customers
  • What is feasible for the operating model
  • What is viable for the business to take on

When these attributes are determined, balance can be created. Balance eliminates wasted efforts, simplifies experiences and operations, and limits risks for organizations as they mature into more continuous ways of working.

Our holistic Experience Design offering looks across a customer base — inside and outside of an organization and across all channels — to determine what to do, how to do it, and who needs to do it.


Our capabilities stretch our clients’ thinking, push the boundaries of possibility, and ensure we develop value-based solutions. We leverage incubators and accelerators that encourage people to think about how to take solutions from theory to practice.

Customer Experience Design

Engineer experiences that make businesses thrive.

  • Visioning and Viability
  • Research and Insights
  • Experience Engineering / Architecture
  • Customer Experience Maturity Modeling
Digital Experience Design

Prepare for a world where every surface is a digital interface.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Modernization
  • Digital Design and Enablement
  • Design as a Service
Service Design

Configure operations for greater relevance and more efficient, effective delivery of customer experiences.

  • Visioning and Viability
  • Channel Strategy and Design
  • Business Impact and Readiness
  • Front and Back Office Integration
  • Prioritization and Roadmaps

Slide the Empty Chair Closer to Customer Understanding

To better understand your customers, you must learn how to gather data and collect information about how they interact with your product or service. Then, you can interpret trends and patterns in customer behaviors.

In this white paper, we guide you on how to gather research and insights, which slides you closer to understanding who sits in the chair, helping you create a customer-indiventy organization.