Digital Modernization

We bring new-age interfaces that deliver unexpected experiences for modern customers.

Digital modernization brings new-age interfaces—from virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) to holograms and beyond—to life for modern customers.

These are differentiating solutions that delight customers with unexpected experiences.

However, staying relevant in a world of rapidly evolving modern digital tools is an ongoing battle. Solutions that were once modern, such as mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs), are now standard. With time, VR/AR and multiple realities will be standard, too — and consumers will be on to the next thing.

And just as when you are working to develop your digital strategy, you will encounter peers who need to be convinced of modern tools’ role or viability, as well as individuals who simply resist change.

Your role is to convince them that digital modernization is necessary because it is completely customer. Modern customers live in a modern world. They expect their experiences to be relevant to their needs and to engage them, even if those experiences deliver products in a traditional way.

Innovation will not stop. That’s why the world’s largest companies are investing billions of dollars to create new ways to solve existing problems. These market disrupters are the epitome of modernization. You must plan today to be among them.

Our Digital Modernization Process in Today’s World

Digital modernization gives customers new ways to fulfill their needs. But not all modern solutions are right for all companies.

As we identify opportunities, we strive to balance your customer’s needs and your business’s operations. The relationship between you and your customers must be mutually beneficial. By collaborating with you, we can help you use modern, digital channels as strategic vehicles that propel your business forward.

Throughout this process, we focus on eliminating risk, inducing speed to value and scalability. Our digital modernization strategies are rooted in business intelligence and mapped to business outcomes, making sure that the right interfaces continuously improving your digital customer engagement efforts.

Our Digital Modernization Services

Emerging Technology

Digital modernization — or the evaluation, discovery and testing of new technologies that make interacting with customers, partners, vendors and teams more effective and efficient — has many benefits.

From SaaS/PaaS tools to breaking apart monoliths and creating more flexible architectures, modernization can maximize productivity, use of investments and monetization of data.

Emerging Interfaces

Primarily undertaken by a CIO, introducing new ways of interacting with one another can keep your company aligned with your customer’s needs.

Indiventy is on the leading edge of technology, and we work with our clients to test new interaction models and deploy the right solutions to market, leveraging the premise of Design Thinking for speed to value.

Systems Modernization

Modernizing a legacy system isn’t for the faint of heart. Many organizations face significant challenges as they work to update their infrastructure, and especially legacy systems that have been built and modified over time.

Indivent can help assess, recommend and imbed modern-day systems and tools that replace legacy systems, removing technical and operational debt and decreasing the cost to serve customers.

Digital Innovation

With digital innovation, companies can create desirable solutions that are operationally feasible and viable.

Our innovation framework focuses on creating balance between the customer, operations and business value to remove the subjective nature of everyday business operations and push the envelope of speed.

Not only can we help introduce new solutions and services, but upskill your company and modernize how you work collaboratively in your field.

Our Digital Modernization Principles

We believe in designing with intent that’s rooted in the needs of any audience and across all channels, and by designing with a systems-thinking lens to look inside and out of your organization to create relevant solutions.

We also believe in designing for living systems using behavioral analytics as a key indicator for optimization and change to constantly evolve solutions, and by designing for maturity to help your organization mature to a more people-first working environment.