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Social Media Marketing

Using social media sites to promote a product of a business is known as Social Media Marketing. After the final product is completed, the next major task is to make public know about the product. This is done digitally by Social Media Marketing. In short, it will make people know about the service or product thereby bridging the gap between them. It is one of the most efficient ways to bring popularity to a business digitally. Social Media includes all the social networking sites, blogs etc. Social Media Marketing can be used to target a specific set of people who have similar interests as that of a business. The major platforms of Social Media Marketing are Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Blogs. Let us discuss each one.

Twitter: Twitter is a platform which allows companies to promote their business with short tweets up to 280 characters. They also support photo, video, Emoji, GIF and the most popular Hashtags. A business can sponsor their tweets in order to increase their reach to a large number of people. It is often seen that companies conduct contests with dedicated hashtags to promote their product. Companies also team up with Twitter Influencers to endorse their product.
Facebook: While Twitter forms the short form for a business promotion, Facebook offers more detailed insights. Facebook engages with likes, comments, shares and more recently Hashtags. Facebook also has paid promotions option which benefits the business.

YouTube: YouTube deals with videos on their platform. Companies tie-up with popular creators to promote their brand both actively and passively in their videos. Just like the above platforms WhatsApp, Instagram and blogs offer unique services on their platform which can be tailored to target a specific set of people based on their interests. Targeting the people with similar interests creates more opportunities for the business. These social media platforms are known for their built-in data tools like analytics, reach and growth. With the help of these tools, companies can keep a good track of their content engagement, the success of their ad-managements and campaigns. As an Information Technology company, we at Indiventy keep a track of viral trends and are capable of posting creative stuff which will help the clients in building their brand on Social Media.

The details of our Social Media Marketing services are given below:

  • Media planning
  • Digital media
  • Web media
  • Broadcast services
  • Social media maintenance
  • Social media content management